Creating a Vision Together

Our vision begins with you.

Attitude is a powerful force. A positive attitude can overcome obstacles, win races, and find hope. It leads to opportunity, and gives you the power and momentum to fulfill your personal vision for the future. Chances are, much of your own success has been the result of a positive attitude in the face of great challenges.

Our work begins with a positive attitude toward you. We believe:

  1. You want to accomplish meaningful goals.
  2. You recognize the importance of planning for your future.
  3. You want the right financial solutions to help you reach your goals.
  4. You seek professional financial advice, from an advisor you can trust.

With these beliefs as our foundation, we help you identify your challenges and opportunities, plot a course of action, and navigate toward your goals.


What is your vision for the future?

What do you foresee for yourself and your family in five years? In ten years? In twenty? Ultimately, what legacy do you hope to leave? How close are you to reaching the goals you hold important and making your vision a reality?

Vision is the starting point for any financial strategy. But answering questions about the future, with confidence, is not always a simple task. You have more choices and information than any previous generation. As a result, it is difficult to avoid being paralyzed by indecision or overloaded by possibilities.

It’s good to have choices. But too many options often leave more questions than answers. What is the clearest path to your goals? What financial tools and resources will you need along the way? Whom can you trust to help you weigh alternatives and make smart, prudent choices?

We can bring clarity to your situation. We can help you form a vision that will give direction and discipline to your financial decisions. Most importantly, we can help you execute that vision and begin to make it real.MagGlass

We can direct your vision.

By working together, we believe we can help you see farther — and more clearly. We can provide you with the process, the expertise, and the resources to help you pursue your vision.

We believe financial advisors serve clients best when they do not have biases, product preferences, or sales quotas. Nor should advisors have a “cookie-cutter” approach toward their work. They should be free to provide you with virtually any financial product or service that is appropriate. We believe you can best achieve your vision with an independent advisor.

Benefits of an independent financial advisor:
  1. Objective trustworthy advice
  2. Custom-tailored solutions
  3. Flexible compensation options
  4. A long-term relationship based on your best interests

In fact, the financial services industry has finally realized the value of independent financial advisors. As a result, many large brokerage and financial planning firms are now trying to sell themselves as independent.

In the end, however, truly objective financial advice should be based on the premise that no two individuals, and no two situations, are the same. We offer the integrity of a financial advisory process that begins and ends with your goals and preferences. You receive custom-tailored services from start to finish.

We Can See the Possibilities

Even though we are independent, we belong to a consortium of independent financial advisors. This relationship gives us numerous resources that many independent advisors cannot duplicate — resources that translate into clear benefits for you.

Responsibility and Access

Abens Financial Services, Inc. is the Registered Investment Advisor for asset management services and is a registered investment advisory firm with the State of Minnesota.


We rely on a body of knowledge that comes only from years of experience. What’s more, when appropriate, we can draw on the expertise of specialized advisors, in such areas as business planning, estate planning, insurance, and executive compensation. We can apply these capabilities to your specific financial needs.


The financial strength of our affiliation allows us to invest in top-quality research, information, and education. This gives us a better understanding of short-term events and long-term trends that could affect your finances.


We have the resources to investigate and verify the quality of every product and service we provide. We invest the time to meet with mutual fund managers and visit product companies. We ask tough questions to uncover the potential strengths and limitations of different products. We put it all together with a commitment to excellence in everything we do.


What can we see together?

Putting your trust in a financial advisor is an important decision. Few decisions are as personal or as critical. And it’s a decision you should make only after you find someone who demonstrates the ability to listen, to understand, and to apply knowledge and the appropriate resources to help you achieve your vision.

We believe we offer you the best financial services available today. Our independence, our expertise, our combined strength of resources, and our personal service, sets us apart.

We invite you to meet with us for a complimentary initial consultation. There is no obligation.

We will discuss your vision and what it will take to bring it to fruition. We will help you carefully consider your options. Then, we will develop a meaningful strategy and work with you toward effective solutions.

We are vision directed and client focused. Seeing and working together, we can help make your vision a reality.


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